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I suppose it's safe to post now:)

#1: Need = laptop and lunch box, Want = Beats headphones, Wear = KC Blazers (swim team) parka, Read = I can't remember?, Santa = Jewelry "tree" with some bracelets and necklaces hanging on it.

#2 Want = Beats headphones, Need = 2 pillow shams for her bed and lunch box, Wear = winter jacket, Read = I can't remember, either? Santa = vintage box of dominos, Yahtzee, and game of Life.

10 years?! Crazy!


What did the older 2 get for Christmas?! I love keeping up with the girls. It's so fun watching them grow up. I talked to Bob the other week and Emily is a FRESHMAN in college. I believe I met you guys my sophomore year. 2003....it's been 10 years. Crazy.

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