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I was asking about the Great Gatsby! I'm a great optimist too but I adore drama ! I fell in
love with the film..I read a lot of reviews mainly mixed..but I do dare to have my opinion and I loved the film...I have to admit that partly it could be due to Di Caprio's excellent
acting and music which I'd listened on youtube before going to the cinema..I think the film is an absolutely different experience from reading an old classic book. Yet the very idea of Fitzgerald is very appealing..
I see that you have a huge self development scheme and reading classics is part of it..You are an example of "almost" an ideal personality)))
this summer I read a book about patsy Cline (a super talented country music singer 0f 50s-60s) I happened to find the book at a flea market and owing to the book I found an excellent performer//her voice is amazing and now I understand a bit more American "soul" ))) as I read a lot of comments under youtube clips with Patsy Cline singing.Then I watched a film Sweet Dreams about the singer and read about and listened to other country musicians. So reading an old book lead to wonderful discoveries. Reading does broaden our minds)))


Hi Valentina. Gone Girl and The Great Gatsby both had twisted and sad endings. I'm the eternal optimist so it was a bit disappointing to read their endings. AFter my disappointment I don't know if I can bear to see the Great Gatsby on film. And I hear they are making Gone Girl into a movie and I know I definitely won't see that one!


Hello Suzanne! I really wonder what you think about the book and the film!
From Russia
with love)))

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