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I'm so sorry you had an issue with Lumber Liquidators, too! We would like to put some sort of hardwood floor product down in our basement and I will never step foot into a LL store again. Period. I tell everyone I know to avoid the store b/c they will sell you a defective product just to make a few bucks. Good luck!


The MSDS sheet I found on the internet shows the bamboo is glued together with Phenolic-formaldehyde resin. The resin was probably chosen because it’s tough stuff, heat resistant, probably contains flame retardant and it’s inexpensive. Morning star comes from China, I doubt It could be manufactured in the US with this resin due to the formaldehyde.

I used this type resin to manufacture electronics. It is hydrophilic (water loving). So it likes to absorb moisture and expand.



Yvonne Przybylski

My husband and I are both so disappointed in lumber liquidators, Fargo North Dakota, that we can hardly stand it. We given it time but it only gets worse. The streaks and foot prints are a nightmare. No amount of buffing with a damp microfiber cloth seems to get it looking nice. We also are having buckling, and the spread between the planks have gotten worse. It’s just the point that I almost dread having guests have to look at it. We are not high traffic. Our kids are grown, it’s just my husband and I . We are so pleased that a class action lawsuit has begun on MorningStar bamboo flooring. We long for any feedback, I mean people that are also sorry they purchased it, to share their bad experiences. I would like to get email from other deaf satisfied customers of lumber liquidators. Ours was purchased in Fargo North Dakota. My email is :


Donna, I really would NOT install any Morningstar product if I were you. They call it "bamboo" but I believe it's really more like glue with a little bamboo. (I had an attorney contact me as they were contemplating a class action lawsuit because of the glue used in the production.) It scratches so easily and you said you have pets. Honestly, I'd stay away from anything that is not truly a hardwood that is installed and then sanded and stained. My $0.02. Good luck with your decision.

Donna Beatty

I am looking at hard wood floors and the Morning Star Ulta nail down floor which has a lifetime guarantee. I am currently comparing the two as we have a pet in the home. I am wondering if any of you bought the Morning Star Ulta nail down bamboo floors and had these or other problems that are mentioned above? Thanks in advance for your comments!

Tim Paranzino

Same problem here! The Morning Star Bamboo is garbage!! Installed 900 ft and looked beautiful for about 2 weeks and then it started to cup and seperate. Talked To Lumber Liquidators about the problem and they're iron clad installation procedures makes them not liable for this shit from china. DO NOT BUY!!!! As a matter of fact don't buy from these idiots!! I wasted a ton of time and money only to have to rip it out and start all over.


They are Never clean! Every foot step shows up? I mop and it dries only to show every thing. I'm pissed

Georgina Fernandez

Sorry to hear your woes.l thought it was just me and being the old diyer.lhad no idea how to do this floating floor but have been fixing ,renovating houses since my early teens.l figured it cant be rocket science that's true.But we all suffer the same problem keeping your house at the perfect humidity for the bamboo.l wish u all the best but lm so relieved its not this old girl did it wrong.Im working on regulating the humidity.,bit awkward living in Tropical Nth Qld Australia.


UGH I wish I had seen this before we purchased about 500 sq ft of this morningstaro bamboo and had it installed. We used an installer that the store's assistant manager recommended. He was AWFUL! Now an installer that Toby the manager has recommended is coming to fix a big gap in the floor and to install t molding transition that he says is necessary because the run of flooring is too long. He says bamboo does expand and contract with hunidity and seasons. He has no idea if his fixes will be lasting. He anticipates more problems in the summer as humidity levels rise. LL is awful and I know they don't offer any permanent fix. If a class actin suite arises please let me know. Otherwise I guess I'll be spending thousands to replace my floor. Oh and the scratches! I told Cynthia the assistant manager that I wanted something very scratch resistent. She said this product was great for avoiding scratches! WHAT, it scratches really easy. LL are a bunch of crooks!


Unfortunately we ad the same experience. I just read about a class action lawsuit that says." According to recent reports, customers have had bamboo flooring made by the company fail due to cracking, splitting, warping and shrinking – all within the 30 year warranty period. In many cases the company reportedly claims that these problems are due to faulty installation and refuses to compensate the affected customers. However, our law firm believe that these customers may be entitled to collect compensation from Lumber Liquidators." Does anyone know how to get compensated for this?

Andrew Craddock

we have the exact same problems with our morningstar easy click floor..... JUNK!

Stacey Cellitti

😢having horrible gapping on my morning star bamboo flooring also, it brings me to tears to look at it most times, seasonal gapping? Really? Would any of us have bought these floors knowing this was a chance. I would not have. It looks like crap and it is embarrassing to even have company over. I am now trying to save money to replace these floors that were installed only 76 months ago.

monica johnson

Yes, another Morningstar and LL sucker was born ... I am speaking of myself, of course! I had my bamboo flooring installed less than 1 year ago and while I do see separation in 2 spots my biggest complaint is scratches and splintering in the boards. I choose the "Pearl Gray" flooring (stupid) and each scratch shows thru because the white-wash is apparently very, very thin. Now I cannot seem to get in touch with anyone in the LL Home Office ... still waiting on a call back.

Steve Haremza

We had the LL Morning Star Bamboo flooring installed professially 3/2013. We have had a lot of scratching as most of you have experienced, as well only a bit of separation, 1/2", near my threshold of the door going into my garage. I have had to caulk two different times in the two years, but looks acceptabl, at best. I have found that Bellowood Floor Cleaner works pretty good to temporarily get rid of the scratches. But, I dust and mop weekly. Would I buy and have this bamboo flooring installed again? ABSOLUTELY not!!!!

Brian Cully

The floor I just installed is separating. If anyone starts a law suit let me know. I am a general contractor and may have to replace the whole floor.

Bill Campbell

I'm having the same separation ½ inch issue with my Morningstar bamboo floor I bought in 2014 As of this week March 2015 customer service line told me the same thing about the T-molding being installed every 30 feet??? This was not in the 2014 instructions! Does anyone have that 2014 pdf file from Lumber L ? Not unlike the comments above a T molding would look nasty and would be a tripping hazard. I see class action lawsuits developing over this product. I want this crap out of my house now.


We bought a Morning Star bamboo floor from LL in April of '08. Our kitchen sink leaked and some water ran under the throw rug. We did not notice it for a while. The flooring was ruined under the rug. It swelled up and had many fibers sticking up. We called LL and their response was, "We told you not to get the floor wet."
Why on earth would they recommend flooring for a kitchen that was so sensitive to moisture. We called in a flooring expert to see if we could have it refinished to stop moisture from seeping in between the floor boards causing them to swell. He said that this type of flooring cannot be refinished.
Now we are even more concerned about the warning that if it is from China we are being exposed to formeldahyde. We do not know how to determine the country of origin.

Ruth Klingensmith

Had click bamboo installed in November by January floor boards separating LL calls it seasonal movement due to low humidity. I think the only way to have satisfaction is to take legal action, so many hoops and loop holes on their end. The HSS person who contacted me actually said she has the floor in her home in Vermont and her boards are so lose she moves them around the floor, my certified installer says he has the same floor and can at times put a dime between his boards so many attempts to normalize a faulty product. Yes it scratches easy, so much for 100 times harder than oak. Heart sick over this over rated faulty product. Save yourself the aggravation.this is not fixable!


As an old, 3rd generation flooring installer I can add a couple of things I've learned over the years and over a couple of bad experiences:
1) It takes about a year for 3/4" thick flooring to fully equilibrate regarding moisture content. 2) Floor moisture contents are pretty seasonal in some areas. 12% in a SC house I lived in. Much less variation in PNW where I live now. (8-10%) 3) Too large an area will need some designed expansion/contraction capability. 4) All finishes can be scratched by pets and activity. Re-apply a fresh coat every few years and it will stay nice. Do not put any waxes, soaps, or oils on the floor (ever) or this won't work out too well. Use detergent, or ammonia, or vinegar to damp mop with occasionally if needed. Bona makes some good finishes and cleaners, and I don't work for them...


Kirsten, we did in fact install the T-moldings in two places. It did help with the gaping but it is SO UGLY. There is no doorway from the front door all the way back to the kitchen so there is no real place to put the T-molding. It just sticks out on top of floors. So awful.

I'm sorry everyone is having issues with the Morningstar product and LL. I can safely say I will NEVER buy this product or from this store ever again.

Reid Burlingham

Spent $9,000 last October installed flooring also. Kept it in my home 5 weeks to acclimate as recommended. Five months later we have six areas where the flooring is shrinking and gapping about 1/4 inch and in the worst places possible; kitchen, foyer, hallways, dining room. LL won't dona thing. We even bought a humidifier to keep our humidity level above 35 percent. I don't know what we should do. How can a company get away with this?


Anybody have success with installing the t-moldings and have it stop the splitting issue? We are debating this as replacing the floors is not an option. It's an investment though so I'd like to know the success rate of others.

John Prazynski

We have had the same problem with our Morning Star product gaping. We had it installed properly, and made sure it acclimated properly.Installed Sept. 2014. LL says we have to have an inspector from the NWFA come and give an opinion on it. $250.00 for them to come. Looks like we are stuck paying, but cannot get it scheduled, after trying since December 2014. Should we all get together and file a class action law suit to get this taken care of? I know we were not the only ones who bought this from the LL in Cincinnati, so we cannot be the only ones with this problem. Very disappointed.

percy brown

We had our Morning Star Bamboo product installed by a certified installer in 2013. We followed all the instructions relative to acclimation, humidity, etc. Despite this, we saw gaping (in the center of 2 rooms) and cupping in the floor boards within months of installation. We contacted the store and were informed that this was seasonal and would correct itself during the summer. We waited and waited. Finally in August 2014 the boards expanded and the unsightly gaping wasn't quite as noticeable. Unfortunately this only lasted 2 weeks! The gaps are 3/4in wide now and another has appeared. I won't discuss my interactions with LL. It is identical to what has been shared by others. They (LL) are doing everything they can to escape fault as opposed to standing by their product. With the responses they have received, it appears they are intentionally selling a faulty product....difficult to feign ignorance with the number of complaints, isn't it? What's next...legal action?

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