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Hi Beth! Yep, I store all my oil-based brushes in the freezer. At any given time I've got at least three brushes in the door! Oil won't freeze so I just pull out my brush about five minutes before I'll be ready for it. It's magic! I love MCM furniture and would love to see a picture of your piece after you're done. Good luck!

Beth H

Love the colors!! I have a similar one and couldn't decide on the ombre colors. Love how you did the white first. I also have that same white paint, in oil base, that I used on another MCM piece. (Love if you came over and took a look! ) So after brushing it on, you stick the brush in a baggie and freeze it?? I have mine in a baggy but didn't know about the freezer. Won't the bristles freeze or get hard??


Hi Norah. I always brush paint on - I'm too lazy to clean a sprayer. I store my oil-based paint brushes in a ziploc bag in the freezer. That way I never have to clean them. When they are too gross to use anymore, I just toss them. Hope that helps!


This looks fantastic! Is the paint brushed or sprayed on?


I would love to re post this entry on my own website will that be okay

Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell

I have such a soft spot for mid century furniture. I love how your piece looks between the 2 beds. Super happy green!


Oh my...this dresser is adorable!! I love the way you've used it as a nightstand. Just a great paint project!!


Thanks, Monique! I do love mid century furniture, too.

Monique Liddle

The various changes in the room over the years are adorable. I am a secret admirer of mid-century modern furniture, so I love the nightstand on the left before you put in this amazing dresser. The detail of the wood on the left-side of the dresser shows through brilliantly with your paint job. Thanks for the paint tip about going two colors between paint shades in order for the difference to be noticed when the paint dries. I'll definitely put that in my book of paint tips.
Thanks for sharing your work and the girls' room.

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